o   Absolutely no foul language or negative attitude of any kind inside the Academy.

o   Do not come to the Academy if you are sick with a cold or contagious.

o   Inform instructor immediately if injured or not feeling well.

o   Ask permission to use any equipment on shelves.

o   No unsupervised sparring.

o   Be respectful of the facility and equipment. When done training, clean and put away equipment.

o   No shoes on the mat. Wrestling or boxing shoes permitted in bag room training area in the back.

o   No food in bag room training area. Plastic water bottles only.

o   No shoes, food or drink on the Jiu-Jitsu mat area (front room).

o   Gi’s must be regularly washed and kept clean.

o   Keep finger and toe nails trimmed for everyone’s safety.

o   All metal objects, jewelry, piercings, necklace or other such items should be removed.

o   Groin protector (Cups) are prohibited, mouthpieces are recommended.

o   Bow to the center of the Jiu-Jitsu mat when you enter and when you exit.

o   If you are late for class wait for instructor’s permission to enter Jiu-Jitsu mat area.

o   Kids classes begin with a formal bow to the instructor with students lining up by belt order.

o   All Jiu-Jitsu Classes end with a formal bow to the instructor.

o   For safety reasons, if you need to leave the mat earlier you must ask permission from the instructor.

o   During Class, when the instructor is demonstrating the techniques, NO TALKING, have good posture.

o   Talking should be kept to a minimum level and relate to the class subject. No talking while sparring.

o   No punching, kicking, slamming, small joint manipulation, or “style comparisons”.

o   Shake hands or bow to your partner before and after sparring.

o   While training always be aware of your surroundings, people next to you, walls, corners ext.

o   If you find yourself in a submission TAP by hand and/or verbally. DO NOT try and test your limits.

o   Submissions should be applied with technique and limited force, DO NOT injure your training partners.

o   Do not ask instructors about belt rank promotions. Promotions are based on merit and mat time.

o   Parents are welcome to stay and watch. Instructing coaching and disciplining your child is prohibited during class. Students should be focused on the instructor for the time they are here.

o   Siblings or other children must be seated and remain in the waiting room.

o   No filming or taking pictures without instructor’s permission.

o   Please refrain from using electronic devices (cell phones or tablets) in manner that disrupts class or other parents.

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